Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Bharat Earth Movers

Made  from a photo I took at Jaipur.

The cycle rickshaw, its puller, the streets, all stretched to their limits...story of all Indian cities.Why is the System designed so that the whole population is polarized towards cities?! High time our cities got their moons..self sufficient satellite towns i mean..

Now, quoting good news on Feb1, 2013. Voila! 'Ask and it shall be given!' is coming true!!!!
"Eight cluster cities will be built around Bangalore at a cost of Rs.2,100 crore to decongest the city, which is bursting with about 10 million people and infrastructure constraints," state Law Minister Suresh Kumar told reporters here after a cabinet meeting here.

Read more: http://india.nydailynews.com/business/fd3ad917de6058289c6efd3ae1a2d5ca/eight-cluster-cities-to-decongest-bangalore-planned

**Water Color, Quarter size**