Monday, April 29, 2013


[Portrait inspired by a photo of Hollywood Actor Leonardo Di Caprio]

Quoting words of my friend Jay Krishnan:
"If one loses the gift of daydreaming, if one is no longer capable of wonder life ceases, like birds stop coming to an orchard that is dead. Who knows after time sand papers away at our hearts, everyday little by little, else there may come a morning when we may never again feel wonder in its full glory, we may never feel as powerfully anymore, we may never leap on an impulsive enthusiasm to do something, appropriateness will restrain the first pure words that come to our mind...never again will stray lines of poetry come to us amidst our chores, music will never make us cry again like children. We will be civil, successful and pointless. We will become shells of those clumsy dreamers we started out as, cast away from the ocean on to a shore where there is nothing but the grime and debris of the modern times. There is no fragrance in a lifetime like that….there is no possibility of becoming a poet in a space like that…it is a ritual of empty gestures madly done and forgotten…"

**Water Color, 27 X 37 cm **